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7 Days Out of Overseed

This is the time we start checking things of our overseed prep list!

  • Lower heights and lightly verticut to prepare for the ryegrass seed. (Check!)

  • Spray a plant growth regulator on the bermudagrass to slow it's growth so that it does not compete with the ryegrass. (Check!)

  • Spray a product designed to kill any existing poa annua that has germinated on the golf course. (Check!)

  • 70,000 lb seed delivery. (Check!)

  • Calibrate all seed spreaders (Check!)

  • Begin spraying pigment on soon-to-be dormant areas- greens and driving range floor targets. (Check!)

  • And about 1000 other miscellaneous tasks that have either been completed or are underway.

T- minus (less than) 7 full days before we begin the overseed process!

Looking forward to bringing you all along!


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