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Nothing is more important than time during an overseed. Giving the grass seed adequate time (and water and proper seed rates and nutrition and acceptable growing medium and seed bed preparation) is invaluable in the process of overseeding. Without time, none of the formentioned matters. This means time to grow with NO interference. Unfortunately, we have had several instances of member cart traffic on the fragial, newly planted ryegrass, and this can cause season long problems.

I know that you are excited to see progress, and quite honestly, I appreciate your curiosity. But, I must ask that you do your best to stay off the golf course as a whole, including cart paths, throughout the grow in process. This will ensure we get our ryegrass the adequate amount of time to establish prior to opening day.

Otherwise, overseed has gone off without a hitch and we are seeing some early germination, despite only being on day 6 of grow in. Over the next several days we will begin to see exponential growth of the ryegrass and will likely begin to fertilize and mow next week.

Have a great week Terravita!


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