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Another rainy day!

There's nothing better than when the rain forecast is timed perfectly to the golf course's next needed irrigation cycle! Generally the weather has a knack for doing the opposite of what we need it to do, but this season it has been wonderfully helpful in replacing irrigation. Since opening day we have been able to skip 5 planned irrigation cycles, because of this perfectly timed rainfall! Thank you Mother Nature!

I'd like to update everyone on our shiny new toy up at the pump station! It is a system that injects both acid and fertilizer (any countless other adjuvants) into the irrigation water, to make it more effective and nutrient rich. This system can be accessed remotely and can be modified based on our water, soil, growth, and color requirements and goals. This allows us to make improvements to the water quality, which in turn will make improvements to the soil, which in turn will make improvements to the overall health of the turf! In addition, having the ability to add fertilizer directly to our water source allows us to reallocate some of the labor that would have been required to apply those fertilizers manually! I feel so fortunate to have these state of the art systems to work with, and am so excited to see how they elevate things here at Terravita!

Stay dry out there!


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