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Arizona Alliance For Golf

Tonight, I joined the Arizona Alliance for Golf in a discussion about the future of golf in Arizona, as it relates to water resources. The Arizona Alliance For Golf (AAG) is a large group of like minded individuals that love the game of golf and are devoted to preserving the game and the institutions it supports, specifically by protecting golf's most precious resource: water.

I know you have all seen the articles outlining the Colorado River shortage, and the bleak outlook they provide. There is a much bigger picture than we see in the media, and the AAG is dedicated to bringing to light the truths buried within the political and social debates. The Alliance's goal is to not only bring awareness to the economic and social advantages golf brings to this state but to highlight golf's stewardship towards our endless conservation practices. Below is a graphic provided tonight that I believe provides an excellent insight into the positive impact the golf industry brings to the state as a whole.

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