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Bermudagrass Spray Out!

As we continue to plan for the upcoming 2022 renovation, there are some things that must take place prior to ensure the project goes as smoothly and efficiently as possible. I'd first like to take a moment to explain a few of the things that we will be doing during the project and what they entail. Tilling the fairways and regrassing the golf course.

The purpose of the till is to mend the medium in which the grass grows. The machine we will use is a reverse rototiller. The tiller spins the opposite direction than a standard tiller which allows us to get through and deeper into these hard soils more efficiently. Tilling the fairways will incorporate the nearly 30 years of organic material with the native soil producing a much improved growing medium.

The purpose of regrassing the golf course is to obtain a consistent stand of Bermudagrass throughout the course. We currently have numerous varieties and mutations of bermudagrass. The goal with this practice is uniformity. In order to obtain this uniformity, we must kill the existing stand of bermudagrass. Below are some frequently asked questions and answers about the process.

Q: The golf course is so green! Why would we kill it now?

A: We must kill the existing bermudagrass so that the golf course is uniform in color, look, play, and better suitability to transition. If we do not kill the existing stand of bermudagrass, all the different varieties we currently have will return.

Q: Why do we have different varieties of bermudagrass?

A: Over the years different types of grass will show up on a golf course. Whether is through sod, seed, or transplanting from wind, animals, etc. Inevitably over time we end up with multiple varieties of turf grass. Having this opportunity to "hit the reset button" is quite valuable.

Q: Why can't we kill the bermudagrass In April instead?

A: In April the bermudagrass will not be fully out of dormancy, therefore will not absorb the chemical effectively. To kill bermudagrass, 2-3 applications are an absolute necessity. We will do 2 applications prior to overseed, and then some spot treatments in April if applicable. The goal is to kill it all right now prior to overseed.

Q: What is to be expected after the first and second sprays?

A: The grass will go off color on day 2-3 and be completely brown by day 7. You may see some grass green back up prior to the second application. After the second application the same timeline should be expected.

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