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Cart Rule's and Recommendations

Now that we are off cart paths, I wanted to send out a quick note with some rules and recommendations.

It’s no secret that heavy use of carts can cause problems throughout the golf course, so managing these high traffic areas will be our #1 priority. There are a few ways that you can assist the maintenance staff in keeping Terravita’s high traffic areas beautiful.

We will begin selectively placing rope and stake out of the golf course to limit access to areas under stress. That being said, in order to limit the amount of stakes we have on the golf course, we ask that you follow some of these simple rules and recommendations.

Two firm rules, that myself, the greens committee, and the TGC board firmly believe in is: 1, no carts on par 3s. 2, no carts within 30 yards of the green. Whether you see signage or stakes, or not, these are the cart rules of Terravita.

Now for some recommendations:

Limit turning in the fairways and rough, driving in a straight line is better on grass than sharp turns.

Scatter carts as you enter and exit the fairways. If you see an area that looks under stress, avoid it.

The tree to the front right of 2 green is frequently used as a parking area. Not only is this within 30 yards of the green, but it is also an area that is in play and is consistently under stress from cart traffic.

If we work collectively, we can make Terravita’s cart traffic problems a thing of the past. As always, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please forward them my way.

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