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Course Care

Now that we’re all back into the swing of things, I figured now would be a good time to refresh everyone on the basics of divot filling and ball mark repairing; specifically for our overseeded golf course with non overseeded greens. 

Divots on the golf course:

If your divot is larger than a dollar bill, and holds its shape, you can replace it into the void that it was removed from. If the divot is smaller than a dollar bill, or breaks into several pieces, please replace the void with the sand provided. We do not put seed into the sand mix, as our staff takes care of reseeding the divots. 

Ball mark repairs:

Because our greens are young, and heading into dormancy for only the second year, there is not much organic material holding the greens together. Because ball marks are becoming more common on these new greens (yay!) I’d like to give a quick refresher on how to fix a ball mark and what to do if you see the grass tearing, rather than repairing. (Please refer to our Course Care section if you are not familiar with how to properly fix a ball mark.) Usually any pointed object is sufficient in repairing a ball mark, but with the age of the greens a two pronged ball mark repair tool is best. If you are still experiencing tearing, simply using your putter to tap around the ball mark to flatten it out can be a good way to smooth the surface. 

Any additional questions in reference to course care can likely be found in the “Course Care” page or the “FAQ” page.

Have a great week Terravita!

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