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Desert Clean Up

I'm sure you have all seen the extensive desert clean up that has taken place throughout the course over the past few weeks. While we have substantially changed the desert landscape of Terravita over the past 4+ years, the work is never done. And as we take areas from a “clean up” phase to a “maintenance” phase we are able to expand the area in which we maintain. 

We have a detailed list of all areas adjacent to turf and the level of “landscaped” the standard in the areas should be. For example, areas around tees will receive the most attention and areas opposite the cart path along fairways generally receive the least. Our current undertaking, in addition to our routine desert maintenance, is landscaping specific areas opposite the cart path to improve playability and pace of play. These areas will then go in their own column on our list, so that they receive more attention than the lesser trafficked areas on the course. 

Specifically, holes 5, 6, 10, 12, 13, and 14 have all been slated for pretty extensive desert clean up- some are already underway. You’ll notice some holes where clean up is underway but stumps remain. Some of these stumps will be left, to let the plants regrow, but at a more manageable size. Others, such as the Desert Broom stumps will be removed in the near future. Once these holes have been completed- and gone from “clean up” to “maintenance” we will be able to broaden our area once more. 

There is a lot that goes into determining the priority of these different areas of the golf course, and there is even more work, time, and effort that goes into actually accomplishing those goals. We have been able to successfully reach these goals set forth in our plan and will continue to add to this list as time allows.

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JL Davis
JL Davis
Dec 19, 2023

Great to see. Looking SO much better! Thank you.

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