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Tonight, as I reflect on the past year, I'm filled with gratitude. Gratitude for you all and our team of incredibly hard working men and women- specifically our maintenance team (sorry Matt, I'm just a little biased!) Gratitude for Heritage Links, and the exceptional work they did on the renovation, and gratitude in just how far we've come here at Terravita!

I spent the last 365 days vehemently focused on what needs to be improved. How can I improve the course, the experience, the greens, the bunkers, and the fairways. How I can improve my skills as a leader, a coworker, an employee, and a friend. But tonight, I'm taking a night off. I'm reflecting on how far we've come and how proud I am of this golf club.

Tomorrow I'll get back to the improvements, but tonight I'm enjoying a night of reflection.

Below are some photos from the first week of the project, 1 year ago.

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