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Heatwaves and Green Speeds

It's hot out, like reeeeeally hot out. If you don't believe me, check out this statistic: July, to date, has had an average temperature of 102 degrees. Not an average "high" temperature, an average "over all" temperature. We've also shattered all sorts of records: days in the 110+ degrees and days at 118 degrees. We're used to high temps, but to have it sustained the way it has, without ANY precipitation, and very limited humidity, it's made life in the desert awfully uncomfortable... for both us who inhabit it, and our turf grass!

How to we combat high temps like these? Well, we water...and we water...and then we water some more. Unfortunately, there are downsides to this increased amount of water. Wet spots throughout the golf course inevitably arise. We try to split the difference, but when you have hills that are dry, but lows that are wet (and they are right next to one another) you may see some inconsistencies. Over all, we have a great handle on this new irrigation system and are irrigating very efficiently!

On a different note, you should start to see some faster greens this week. After a few weeks of daily verticutting, brushing, and rolling- mixed with taking a break from topdressing so that we could keep our mower's reels sharp- today we we're able to get the green's speed up to 10'. I feel confident that we will maintain 9'5'-10' throughout the remainder of the summer, with the goal of hitting 10'5"+ into the season.

Stay cool, and pray for rain!

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