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Hole Locations & EZLocator

EZLocator is an invaluable tool for both golf course maintenance and golfers. It allows us to utilize every pinable inch of the green, while maximizing variety. Above you will see the surveyed green on #1. The different colors show varying degrees of slope, with green being the "flattest". The black dots show all the available hole locations, based on the speed of the green. The software has an formula that enables or disables hole locations based on the speed of the green that day. You'll notice some of the black dots along the edges end up in an orange slope. These are areas that are permitted, based of EZLocator's formula, when green speeds are between 9.5-10.5. If you were to change the green speed to 11, several of the black dots would be disabled, or disappear. If you were to change the green speed to 8, many more black dots would appear.

In addition to enabling and disabling hole locations based on green speed, EZLocator also disables a set radius around a hole, so that you will not have back to back hole locations in the same set amount of time. So, today's hole location will not be repeated for at least 8 days. Tomorrow, there will not be a hole with in 15 feet of it, the day after- 13 feet, the day after that- 11 feet...etc. This allows the areas throughout the green to totally heal before another hole is placed in the area.

How does EZLocator choose hole locations each day? The software randomly generates 18 hole locations that meet the criteria set-forth above. I will then scan the pin sheet to confirm the yardage variance isn't too long or too short. Variance is to be expected on the golf course; our goal is to challenge, excite, and reward golfers! One way we do this is by allowing holes, or the course as a whole, to play longer or shorter some days.

Despite all of these measures, the one element that can, unfortunately, mess this whole process up is the human element. While have high level training and thorough instructions, occasionally, we miss. This is most common when a hole location is on the "edge" (reference a black dot that is in the orange slope in the picture above) and instead of taking 13 standard paces, the cup cutter takes 13 large paces. While the hole location has been placed close to where it shows on the pin sheet, being a couple of feet off, for a hole location that is already close to trouble, can make for a tough putt! We will continue to train, monitor and perfect this system, and encourage members feedback to each days hole locations!

We hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas, talk to you next year!


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