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Home Stretch

We’ve made it to the home stretch of growth and we are very pleased with how things have come in. The overseed process went off, nearly, without a hitch and despite the above average temperatures, we are in a very good position.

So what have we been up to during the overseed closure? Aside from seeding, quite a few things actually. We have done extensive tree work throughout the golf course. We removed more than 200 desert broom, with more to go! We edged almost every turf edge, and pruned the desert islands. Something I’m very excited about is showcasing some of the new fairway cut lines. I’ll keep it a surprise, but most notably, holes 5 and 17 have new, highly strategic changes made with regards to the fairway versus rough cut. These changes are designed to both enhance the aesthetic of the holes, but more importantly challenge how you may choose to play these holes. Improved risk and reward. It should be fun!!!

One more week before opening day, and we are very excited to showcase all the things we’ve accomplished during the closure. Looking forward to seeing the course come to life next Tuesday!

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