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June FAQs

I've compiled some of the frequently asked questions from the past 4 weeks, and thought there would be value in sharing.

  • Tire tracks on greens are the product of frequent topdressing/spraying. Very common on new greens, will fade and become less common with each topdress, and as they age.

  • Fairy ring is also common on new greens. See the Maddie’s minute from 6/26 for further explanation.

  • We have prepped holes 1 and 9 for sod- sod will be delivered in the next few weeks, still waiting for a definitive schedule. These areas can be played as ground under repair.

  • Thin areas in fairways and rough will fill in with time. Any areas that I believe will not fill in in time for overseed will be sodded.

  • The “Hurricane hole” dry well on the driving range floor was successful. Once the driving range floor is grown in, some slight regrading will be done down there to make it perfect. But “Lake Terravita” is no more. In the event of a large rainstorm, we may still have to pump water away from that site, but we have no limitations with regards to irrigation.

  • Hurricane Holes throughout the remainder of the course will be drilled in July. First areas on the schedule is right of the cart path on 7, in front of the tees on 8, in front of the tees on 9, and left of 17. The others will come as needed.

Have a fun and safe 4th of July!


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