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New Bunkers and Capillary Concrete

If you've played over the last month, you would have noticed the bunkers are playing on the softer side. Because of this, plugged lies, particularly in the bunker face, can be common. As the bunker sand matures, this problem will subside. Generally speaking it takes 6-12 months for bunker sand to firm up. This is problematic because 1, no one wants a plugged lie, but 2, the sand allows your club to swing through it easier; which in turn creates the potential of swinging into the capillary concrete.

So what are we doing to fix this? We have a full time bunker crew surveying depths in bunkers, adding and moving sand when necessary. We also use water and plate compactors when necessary to assist in compacting the sand. Although, despite all of these measures, time will be the only cure for this problem.

In the mean time, there are things you all can do to help! First, enter and exit the bunkers ONLY from the low side. When you step into a bunker from the high side, your footprint causes a avalanche of sand down the bunker face. When you rake the bunker face, push the sand up the face rather than pulling it towards you. Lastly, if you see any areas with exposed capillary concrete or areas of shallow sand, please let me know! Our bunker crews are constantly surveying bunkers, but no one sees a golf course better than a golfer, so your insight is always much appreciated!

Stay dry, and warm, out there this week!


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