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Rain, rain, go away!

Rain, rain, go away! That's not something we say in the desert very often. And while it's wonderful for our drought, its not as wonderful for our golf course. The lack of sun, during a time of year where sun light is already hard to come by, leads to the grass going slightly "off color". In addition, it creates wet spots throughout the golf course that hinder mowing and access.

Regardless, as a born and raised Phoenician, despite these things, I just can't complain about a little bit of rain! Though, I do have an ask for all of you. With our recent exit off the cart paths, it is imperative to abide by the cart directional signs where the fairways meet tge approaches. The green surrounds are such a small area, that receives the most traffic, so keeping carts away from these areas is an absolute necessity in protecting our golf course. I also ask that if you see a wet spot in the fairway or rough, to please do your best to avoid the area with your cart. We're doing out best to dry down the course as quickly as possible, but that process is a bit slower with this weather.

Looking forward to some sunny, albeit cold, days in our near future! Have a great week Terravita!


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