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Updated: Aug 6, 2020

July 2020 was the hottest month ever on record for Phoenix! That, mixed with only about a 1/4 inch of rain for the summer, has made for some tough growing conditions! That being said, I am quite proud of my staff for not only working in this grueling heat, but for maintaining the golf course to the level they have.

I have had numerous members ask me, “Why is the golf course so dry?” For those of you who remember the trials and tribulations of last summer, you may also remember how much water we were running in order to repair the damage to the bermudagrass in preparation for overseed. For reference, last summer I used about 25 million gallons in July. This was a special circumstance and, with our current operating budget, could not be sustained year after year. This year I was budgeted for about 13.5 million gallons. So taking those numbers into consideration, we’re doing pretty well! My goal for Terravita is to continually make improvements, year after year, and with my first year in the books, I believe we are well on our way!

What’s on the schedule between now and overseed?

  1. Healing from last weeks aerification. Expect slower, bumpier green speeds for the next few weeks.

  2. Sod any areas that will not fill in by overseed. One victory of this years transition: we will need to sod less than 10% of the area that was sodded last year!

  3. Continue irrigation repairs. With an irrigation system the age of ours, this is a full time job!

  4. Continue to fertilize the golf course.

  5. Edge tees, bunkers, desert islands, etc.

  6. Desert clean up and other detail work.

I can’t say I’m disappointed to see July in the rear view! I’m sure all of you year-rounders agree! Below is a link to an ABC 15 article with more information about this record breaking month!

Stay cool out there!


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