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Safety PSA

This photo was taken after the Thursday Eagles Trophy rounds. On hole #14 a golf cart made it's way into the bunker from the high side, seemingly driving from green towards the tee. This is a somewhat common occurrence on golf courses, when golfers (or maintenance personnel) drive the course backwards. Bunkers are designed to be visible from the tee looking towards the green, and are often hidden when driving in reverse. It's likely that this is what happened here, and who ever it happened to, most certainly went on the "ride" of their life. All of this said, this is an incredibly dangerous situation, carts can roll and in a worst case scenario one may become trapped beneath the cart.

So this is a PSA- if you are driving the golf course in reverse, it is advised that you do so from the cart path. If you are circling back up a fairway in search of a ball, please be hyper aware of where hidden bunkers may be. Bunker edges can be repaired, rutted sand can be raked, but broken bones aren't as simple.

Stay safe out there Terravita!

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