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Saturday Update

Just wanted to give a quick update on a few things going on our on the golf this week.

You'll notice extensive desert clean up has has and will continue occurring around #3, #12, and #14. We will continue to make strong pushes throughout this season towards cleaning up the Terravita deserts.

We are continuing to to fertilize, water, and drop heights on our greens. Within the next several days we will begin light and frequent sand topdressing to help promote a smoother putting surface. This is a practice we will continue throughout the season.

I've gotten a considerable amount of questions as to why we removed the sand bottles from various tee boxes. While the sand bottle makes it convenient for golfers to fill their divots, they are often left laying on their side, creating a sloppy tee box presentation. In addition, we fill divots on tees 3 days a week, ensuring that we place the proper amount of sand and seed. Tees are especially prone to a crowning effect due to overfilling divots. With my staff taking over divots on tees, we limit the amount of divot overfilling that is done throughout the year. If you would like to continue to fill your divots on the tees, you are more than welcome to bring a sand bottle with you. Before doing so, I ask that you read about the proper way to fill a divot, explained in this blogs course care section.

That's all for now! I hope everyone has a lovely weekend!


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