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Staff Size- And Why It Matters

When determining the appropriate staff size for a golf club, the first thing that must be discussed is the expectation. If the expectation can be met from a financial and accessibility stand point then it's a no brainier! But it's never that simple- we have to find a balance between price point and realistic expectation.

Countless hours have been spent on the goals and standards for our golf course. We could have a lower cost of membership, but the expectation would be less. We could raise the expectation, but the cost of membership would increase accordingly. Pretty simple stuff, but finding that balance wasn't taken lightly here at Terravita. We determined it was crucial after such major investment in the golf course that our expectation- goals and standards- should be elevated to compliment a brand new golf course. I'd like to illustrate where that increased cost of membership is going, on basic level, as it pertains to golf course maintenance. Here are the most notable improvements we've made:

In my first 3 years at Terravita we had a staff size varying from 10 to 16 and the product was reflective of that staff size. We are now bouncing between 20 and 21 full time staff members. Our goals and standards in which reflect that staff size have been clearly laid out, and I am pleased to report that we are able to complete all the necessary tasks associated with those standards, with that staff size. Historically, we would mechanically rake (Sandpro) bunkers, mow fairways 2-3 times per week, exclusively ride mow greens, and do minimal "extra" detail oriented jobs. We now exclusively hand rake the bunkers, mow fairways (and all other shortcut) 3+ times per week, mow our greens both with walk and riding mowers, and I have majorly improved on the "extra" detail oriented jobs. We now move tee markers every day, rake the washes and deserts multiple times a week, edge all sprinkler heads on a regular basis, fertilize and spray weeds every day, rather that "when we can". This just scratches the surfaces of what our elevated standards look like, but it has been special to have a front row seat to the investment, you as members, are putting into your course... not just for today, but for many years to come!

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