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Summer todo list

Here’s a quick look at our summer todo list, as it stands now. This is an ever growing list, but here’s where we stand now:

  • Continue to check bunker sand depths, and add sand as needed.

  • Finish our three part ryegrass eradication spray our process. Tomorrow we begin the 2nd of 3 spray applications.

  • Aerify, topdress, and verticut greens to encourage continued lateral growth, and slow thatch build up.

  • Aerify and topdress tees to promote smoothness and decrease thatch build up.

  • Aerify and verticut fairways.

  • Build a tif eagle and 419 bermudagrass sod nursery.

  • Create a robust revegetation plan to account for lost trees and saguaros. Both from the past and forecasting the future.

  • Remove stumps throughout the golf course.

  • Complete the full course turf edging process.

  • Continue the ongoing desert clean up program.

  • Complete our annual full course irrigation audit.

There are countless other projects taking place this summer, in addition to our routine course set up, but I thought it could be beneficial for you all to see what’s on the docket for us in the coming months.

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