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Terravita's 1st Divot Party

This past Saturday we had our first divot filling party, and on behalf of the entire maintenance department, we are so very grateful. It was a fun event and I look forward to seeing how it evolves! Be sure to keep an eye out for the next registration!

This event spurred several questions about divots, so I'd like to take some time to answer them here:

As we know, a well struck ball typically produces a divot. When we say divot, we are talking about two things: the piece of turf that goes flying and the scar left behind. Not only does an untouched divot diminish the play-ability of the golf course, it will also result in some pretty grumpy golfers revisiting the fact that the USGA did not decide to amend the divot rule in the 2019 modernized Rules of Golf.

Knowing we must play the ball as it lies, the incentive to repair every divot we make becomes greater. Having to play a ball out of a divot you created the day prior is probably the ultimate form of 'golf karma'. Together, let's make sure that never happens!

You may ask yourself, "I just hit the purest shot of my life, a chuck of turf flew 15 yards forwards, and I'm standing above a void the size of a small animal. What do I do next?" It's pretty simple, if the 'chunk of turf' held together and is larger than a dollar bill, pick it up and replace it. If it fell apart on contact, take your sand bottle and fill the divot. Whether you replace or fill make sure that the final product results in a level playing surface for the golfers that follow.

The next question you may ask yourself is, "We've got a maintenance staff to take care of divots, why should I have to participate in this?" While this is a valid question, if you find yourself asking this, we encourage you to spend some time with our team while we are filling divots. For every divot we fill, 5 more are created.

Thank you all again for being great stewards of the golf course! Together we will continue to make a greater Terravita for all who play it!

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