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Terravita's Newest Employee

I'm sure those who played last week noticed Terravita's latest residents; the 6 geese that decided to set up camp at our pond by 10 green. While I am an animal over, I did not love the "debris" (💩) they left behind on and around the green! We tried scaring them away, making loud noises, etc...but we could not seem the shake them. We knew we needed some bigger artillery. And no, I don't mean a 12 gauge!

Kali has been working here part time for the last several years, mostly around overseed time as the Director of Bird Chasing. We knew she would fit into this new role swimmingly (pun intended). Kali jumped right in (pun also intended) and began chasing the geese away immediately. After several days of a "predator" being in, not just around, the pond, the geese decided to take up residence somewhere else.

So if you see Kali out there on the golf course, be sure to thank her for her efforts. She's quite passionate for bird chasing. And her services will continue to be available if the geese, or any other nuisance birds, return.

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