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In the quest for perfection, there's always times when we need to take 1 step back to go 3 steps forward. That's what we did today, and we'll continue to do throughout the summer. Topdressing has more purpose than just frustrating golfers, I promise! Topdressing smooths the greens surface, combats thatch build up, and overtime will increase green speed and overall playability. In addition to all the normal benefits to topdressing, this year topdressing will help smooth out any grading issues as a result of the project. All very necessary things.

While we don't have a topdressing schedule, per se, we will be topdressing regularly throughout the summer as part of our summer maintenance program. Topdressing will occur as needed, but likely every 10-14 days. Sand will linger on the greens for 2-3 days, but the value to topdressing far outweighs the short term compromise.

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