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I'm sure everyone has noticed by now, that the course looks entirely different than it did a few months ago. While this time of year is never fun to witness, it's a necessary evil in order to prepare the bermudagrass for the following year's overseed. Fortunately, we have a plan in place to make the woes of transition as short lived as possible.

Heights of cut have been lowered significantly in the past 15 days, and will continue to lower over the next 15. We will begin to spray out the golf course next week which will take about 4 days to accomplish. From there it will take 10-14 days for all of the ryegrass to die, and another 7-10 days for the dead ryegrass to disappear. From there we will have a clear picture of the health and coverage of our bermudagrass.

While I'm confident many of the weak areas will fill in on their own (with intensive spot fertilization and irrigation) in time; many areas will require new sod, which will be installed in July. I am hopeful, that those areas (aside from holes 1,2,3,9 and 10) will be few and far between.

Bare with us over the coming weeks, as we're getting close to our rock bottom for the year. Though, once we hit it, the weekly improvements will be astonishing. And by early August we will be all buttoned up.

Stay cool and hydrated out there!

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