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As we head towards summer, I thought we could start off our tradition communications with this note by the USGA. We have three main processes to help with this process at Terravita. One, bringing down heights of cut significantly as soon as night time temperatures are consistently in the mid 50s. This allows sunlight more access to the bermudagrass below. Once overnight temps are consistently in the high 50s, low 60s, we begin vertical mowing. This process physically removes a percentage of rye grass with each pass. Lastly, towards the end of May, we apply an herbicide formulated to eradicate ryegrass, while not effecting the Bermudagrass. This gives us the best chance for a successful spring to summer transition.

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07 de mai.

I am curious to know if there was a reason why we postponed the transition and spray out to the end of May. The USGA report we received from Brian Whitlark suggested we start the process the 3rd week of March. Will this delay hinder the growth and health of the Bermuda?

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