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Welcome Back!

Today is the day we’ve all been waiting for! The official start to the 23/24 season! We had a successful overseed, and are very happy with where we stand on both the bermudagrass and the rye grass front. With adequate coverage of bermudagrass, it’s given the rye grass a nice little home for the season.

Here are some of the things that we accomplished during the closure:

  • Hit our target seeding rate and seeded the golf course in under 5 days.

  • Completed a full course irrigation audit to take us through the season.

  • All “highly visible” turf edges have been hard-edged.

  • Trees have been pruned, and suckers encroaching onto the cart path have been removed.

  • A tree, albeit small, has been added for future shade on the forward tee on #12.

  • New cart directional signage on holes #4 and #11 have been installed.

  • Additional cups have been cut on all practice greens.

While we are very pleased with our progress with the golf course and the overseed as a whole, you may notice some things out there that jump out to you. While all edges have been hard edged, there is still a little bit of volunteer rye grass visible in desert landscapes. This has all been sprayed, but with the cooler temperatures in the last few days, the herbicide will take slightly longer to affect the plant. You can expect this rye grass to be eliminated completely in the next few weeks. In addition, prior to the cool temps, a few weeks back, we had some record setting high temps that forced our water consumption to increase. A side effect of this are the small, subtle rings you might see here and there on the golf course. This is a common turf grass disease that is present when there are high temperatures during the early stages of growth. This is not a long term problem, and will not get worse.

So, welcome back everyone, we’re so glad to have you! We look forward to another great season here at Terravita!

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