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EZ Locator and Pin Locations

As promised, here is a "EZ Locator For Dummies" on how pin locations are determined and how the green speeds affect the amount of pin locations on each green.

Below you will see 3 pictures, all of the 3rd green. The first picture shows the amount of available pin locations that would be available if the green speeds were 9 or below. The second picture shows all the available pin locations if the greens speeds go to 11, and the final picture shows greens speeds of 12.

This demonstrates that with not much change in green speed, the pinnable area of the green changes significantly. As I explained in the Fall Meeting, while you guys are playing these greens at this speed for the first time, we are selecting pin locations for these greens at the speed for the same time as well. It's a learning curve for all of us. But, based on the numerous long putts that I saw go in today and this past weekend, I would say we should all give ourselves a pat on the back.

In the pictures you will also see small flag symbols- this shows "today's" (not actually today's, it's just an example) pin location in red. "Yesterday's" pin location will have the largest circle around it, in this case a yellow flag with a large yellow circle, and then each pin location for the days prior will be shown with a slightly smaller circle around each. These circles indicate areas that are not available for pin locations for a set amount of days. This allows the area around each pin time to heal before it's time to go back.

I hope this gives a little insight into the daily task of changing pin positions and I hope that throughout the past few weeks you have seen an improvement to both the playability of the greens and the pin locations!

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