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Poopgate 2.0

Unfortunately, as many of you have noticed, we are having issues again with a particular dog walker not picking up their pet's waste near the 18th tee box. I'm sure many of you have also noticed the camera placed on the 18th tee. This is to hopefully deter any additional "poop traffic" in the area, or at the very least encourage the owner to clean up after their pet.

I'm sorry if this has created a "big brother" feel to the 18th tee box, but I assure you it is only monitored when it detects animal traffic. And will be removed as soon as we feel we have permanently solved the pet waste problem. Or come up with a better solution.

My hope is that, for you, no news means good news and that we can solve this problem for good, ASAP!!!

Happy Monday Terravita!!!


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