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Looking Forward

With most of the season's frost behind us, but several days of rain ahead, many are wondering what to expect from the golf course in the next few weeks and beyond. The golf course is noticeably greener today than it has been the last several weeks. This is due to getting caught up on fertilization but more importantly, sunny days in the 70s. Nothing can replace what mother nature has to offer, and we are reaping the benefits this week. 

Now, with 8 of the next 14 days forecasted for rain, we may notice a slight setback with regards to the color of the golf course, But again, nothing replaces mother nature, so in the long run, all that “free” water and fertilizer we’ll get from the rain will be more beneficial in the weeks to come. In addition, our new sprayer is officially up and running at full efficiency. There was a bit of a learning curve with the new technology, but now that we have it figured out we’re spraying faster and more precisely than ever before. 

This week we are leaning into the warm temps, by getting ahead on fertility and detail work, so that the course will be ready to withstand several days of rain, and come out of the other side looking its best. We are looking forward to a wonderful and warm second half of this season.

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